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Knowledge Graph Creator - create RDF and Neo4J Cypher import data

The Knowledge Graph Creator (KGcreator) is a tool for automating the generation of data for Knowledge Graphs from raw text data.

KGcreator is written in Common Lisp (a research version written in Haskell is available by special request) and is available here for live demos and also in three editions of a commercial product:

Demo web form for KGCreator


KGcreator was written by Mark Watson and uses both classical symbolic natural language processing (NLP) techniques and deep learning models for coreference (anaphora resolution) and link analysis.

Data created by KGcreator is stored internally in an generalized data structure and rendered for use in two formats:

Screen shot of part of an automatically generated graph in Neo4j: Neo4J demo screenshot

Knowledge Graph Creator product documentation

KGcreator is provided as a command line utility that accepts up to three arguments. As an example:

./KGcreator -i test_data -r out.rdf -c out.cyper
In this example, all text and meta data files in the directory path test_data will be processed and an RDF file out.rdf and a Cypher file (for import into Neo4j) out.cypher are written. For most applications you probably will just be generating either RDF or Cypher data in which case just specify either -r with an output file path or -c with an output file path.

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KGcreator is currently in a private Alpha release. If you would like to be an Alpha (and soon Beta) tester, please contact me at [email protected]

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References for Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs are implemented as directed graphs where nodes can represent people, locations, documents, organizations, business processes, documents on the web, etc. Graph edges represent property relations between nodes. Both nodes and edges can contain named properties. KGcreator generates graph data in two formats for both Neo4J and RDF/OWL linked data sources.

I worked as a contractor at Google on their Knowledge Graph. Facebook also has a Knowledge Graph to store information on users and connections.

Here is some reading material:

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