Mark hiking in Sedona
Mark hiking near his home office in Sedona Arizona

My Open Source projects are hosted on my github account so please check that out!

My projects are written in a variety of languages: Haskell, Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Java, Common Lisp, Python, and Smalltalk.

I hope that you find these projects useful. Pull requests are welcome!

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Alternative commercial license for my few AGPL licensed projects

I usually license using the Apache 2 license but occasionally use the AGPL. I charge a flat rate of $50 for an alternative commercial license for using a project's AGPL code in compiled form under the terms: you take all responsibility for the use of my software and that you provide a link in your documentation back to my original open source project.

Alternative license for the Haskell project Knowledge Graph Creator
This software is an example in my book Haskell Tutorial and Cookbook:
I accept credit cards via the PayPal billing service via PayPal. Cost: $50